Why I started wearing a helmet….. I don’t remember what happened, still don’t to this day. I was on my way to work, it had rained, I was stopped, both feet on the ground waiting for a train with traffic. Train passes, barriers went up, I woke up in an ambulance.

Mindintrusion1978 asked

"Feel any ill effects?"

This was the first time I had ever needed stitches, I removed them myself in the bathroom at work with some eyebrow trimming scissors I bought at the corner pharmacy, I still have tenderness where the scar is but it gets less and less as time goes by. I had this accident in December of 2011. Nothing seems affected other than that, I’m kind of iffy about rough rail road tracks when I’m on my bike now, I usually dismount and walk across them.

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    Do you still feel any ill effects?
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