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Ordered in April from Twin Six, the Art Crank colab. jerseys have shipped and I received mine today. I picked a men’s small because although I am a woman my shoulders disagree with clothes cut for the “female figure”. 

Wish the jersey had one of those great sticky rubber bands around the bottom hem to hold it down to my bibs, but it’s cool, it’s fits nice, looks great, build seems great. We’ll see how it works in the 100 and above degree temperatures we get here in the humid Ohio Valley.

Really hope Twin Six decides to make bib shorts to match, I’ll definitely pick up a pair!

My first Twin Six jersey and I’m very satisfied! Thanks ya’ll!

Also… if you’re not familiar with Art Crank, check it out, it’s a Poster Party for Bike People

As well, if you want some cycling gear not plastered with logos to make you a billboard for some company that isn’t giving you shit, throw all of your money at Twin Six

Added bonus, the jersey is made in the U.S.A. STOKED.

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Troy Lee is like the Twin Six of Bicycle Moto Cross. This women’s jersey is KILLER and GOOD LOOKIN! 

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Troy Lee Designs Airway (women’s) jersey Front and Back. Troy Lee has some SICK designs for BMX!  

I’m not sure if there is an actual “Team Vegan” but I would rock this HARD.  Found over at 

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I really love the back design on this one. has some pretty good looking “message” jerseys. 

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HillKiller has some pretty decent jersey designs, this one for example…. I didn’t have my glasses on and thought the state on the front was Kentucky and I think I may have tinkled on myself a little…. 

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